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 The self-effacing beauty of sound was memorable... [but] what was rarer was the alliance of gorgeous tone with an unwavering unanimity of expressive intent. It resulted in a musical conversation of stunning authenticity and presence. -The Washington Post

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SQ's new 5th mumber
Posted By Yi-Wen on September 03, 2007

Our new friend and colleague Yujia joined us on Music Mountain's labor day weekend concert. It's our first collaboration, but we both knew it will always be a special event and great pleasure to play together. We welcome our new 5th member on board.

Posted By Yi-Wen on July 30, 2007

I took this shot at the Ottawa International Airport. Our flight was delayed 4 hours. It just happened our manager Don was also catching a plane back to San Francisco. So ended up we had a stratigery meeting while we were waiting for the flight outcome. Picture shows Nick(our master calendar man) and Don comparing dates, contracts, touring plan and promotional agendas....and so on.

Ottawa---Beautiful city!
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 29, 2007

During the break, we took a short walk along the street. It was all very nice and enjoyable but I'm really homesick. Three weeks on the road feels really long, and we only have 3 days off before we take off again. It will keep going until the last week of August. September our school will start. The summer will soon be over. Next stop, La Jolla, CA.

Warming up in dressing room
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 28, 2007

The 14th annual Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival opens from July 21 to August 4th this year. We joined the other 3 quartets from Canada, Germany and Russia give a complete cycle of Beethoven's 17 string quartets. We offered Op.18 No.1, No.4 and Op. 131. Ottawa is a very beautiful and culturally active city. Since we were there last year so we have a group of people following us around. Nice to be back, and we played our hearts out.

Studio Sparks
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 27, 2007

As part of our appearance at the 14th Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival 2007, we were invited to have a live interview and performance by the CBC Studio Sparks. Studio Sparks offers three hours of classical music, along with the best in classic jazz, world and other musical styles, recorded in Canada and around the world. Hosted by Eric Friesen, and broadcast live from a storefront studio looking onto the Sparks Street pedestrian mall in Ottawa, Studio Sparks the ideal afternoon companion, providing music, conversation and features to a national audience. Eric's friendly presence, and wealth of knowledge and experience, animate the program and connect to listeners in their day. On a regular basis Eric welcomes a studio audience into the Studio Sparks performance area for live music and interviews. It was a fun and pleasant 59 minutes of laughter and good music. We had a blast!

Taos Ski Valley, NM #4
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 21, 2007

Taos Ski Valley, NM #3
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 20, 2007

Taos Ski Valley, NM #2
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 17, 2007

Taos Ski Valley, NM #1
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 17, 2007

During our staying at Taos, I took some time work around the Trails and took some shots of the natural beauty of the surroundings. It was truly breath taking! You will see the next few shots.

Wheeler Peak----The Peak of NM
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 17, 2007

On a free day, Nick and I went to hiking with our students, my detemination to reach the Wheeler Peak not only inspired my students but also suprised my colleagues. They thought I will turned around in the middle of way. But I did it with conviction! Though, I was the last one to reach the top, but everyone gave me a warm aplaode to cheer the oldest member in the group. The Wheeler peak is 13161 feet above sea level, and is the highest point in New Mexco. My legs were killing me for the next 4 days. But, it was worth it!

Posted By Yi-Wen on July 15, 2007

Last July, we were in New Mexico as one of the quartet-in- residence at the Taos school of music ( Though we have been approached by the school from years ago. But because our heavy summer touring schedule, we could never commit ourselves to this world renowned chamber music training camp until now. It was truly a wonderful and enjoyable two weeks to all of us. Not only we reached out to some new audience but more important, we had a rare opportunity to teach some of the best students from the world. It is our passion and duty to pass along our experiences and wisdom to the next generation, and we all feel privileged. The school was founded in 1963, and the subject of many feature stories including those on NBC's "Today Show" and National Public Radio's "Morning Edition," the Taos School of Music is one of the oldest and most respected summer chamber music programs in the country. Its alumni have served as members of such award winning chamber groups as the Alexander, Borromeo, Brentano, Chester, Lark, and Muir quartets, the Eroica Trio, and Musicians from Marlboro. They have become principal players and members of the major orchestras in the U.S.: Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Metropolitan Opera, Milwaukee, National, New York,Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, St. Lawrence, and San Francisco. They also hold or have held teaching positions at many conservatories and universities including: Boston University, Cleveland Institute of Music, Hartt School of Music, Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, Mannes College of Music, New England Conservatory, Oberlin, and the Paris Conservatory. It is an intensive eight-week program devoted solely to the study and performance of chamber music in which students receive daily coaching and have extensive performing opportunities. A student to faculty ratio of less than 4 to 1 allows for close personal attention rarely found among music schools.

Volvo's Dynaudio
Posted By Volvo on August 20, 2006

The Shanghai Quartet’s unique blend of Western repertoire played with the delicacy of Eastern music has enabled them to perform all over the globe, with concerts in Europe, North America and Asia. The four are known for their multicultural innovations but in their 23-year career, they’d never heard a car stereo as good as the Dynaudio in Volvo’s C70 ... Weigang Li (violin) “In our homes, we have specially engineered stereo systems to listen to our music – but this in-car system was close to professional quality, and really easy to operate.” Yi-Wen Jiang (violin) “I drive a Saab, but I would consider upgrading to a Volvo now that I’ve heard this system. It has great balance and kept its range. It’s loud and clean. You can hear all the instruments in their positions – it’s perfect stereo. Of course, all the Dynaudio systems should come with our music pre-installed!” Honggang Li (viola) “Even with the C70’s roof down, I couldn’t believe the sound! Previously, I wouldn’t have considered buying a convertible but, having heard the Dynaudio system, it has changed my view. Can we have a Volvo for our official tour?” Nicholas Tzavaras (cello) “The placement of the speakers is excellent. The bass is very good, and you can hear absolutely everything. This is as good as music gets – almost as good as hearing it live.”

SQ & GG in Shanghai
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 17, 2006

July 8 our concert with Gray Graffman at the Shanghai Grand Theater opens the Morningside Music Bridge Shanghai Concert Festival 2006. The first Morningside Music Bridge was held in 1997 conceived by Mount Royal College Conservatory. To celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, it shifts from its hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Shanghai.This photo was taken by our dear friend Mr. Li-Gong Chen, a violinist himself.

Keep bowing....
Posted By SQ on July 10, 2006

Joined by Gary Graffman we give the China debut of the Suite for two violins, cello and piano(left hand), Op.23 by Erich Wolfgang Korngold. A truly memorable experience.

Shanghai's pride-----"The Grand Theate
Posted By Yi-Wen on July 09, 2006

The summer in Shanghai is not something you would like to experience. Even after a few days of rain, it was still a steamy hot and humid evening. But it was a beautiful night to open the Morningside Music Bridge Shanghai Concert Festival 2006. I took this shot right before the concert starts.

SALA Artura Rubinsteina, Bydgoszcz
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 13, 2006

Before our last concert of the Poland tour 2006, in the city of Bydgoszcz. I took this photo in front of Ignacy Jan Paderewski Pomerania Philharmonic, another great hall we have ever played around the world.

Great Memory!
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 11, 2006

After our Warsaw concert at the Royal Castle - Grand Hall. We took this photo with First Lady of Poland Mrs. Maria Kaczyńska, General Director and the President of Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, Mrs. Elżbieta Penderecka, our dear friend Cornelia Much(Honorary committee), and Austrian pianist Rudolf Buchbinder whom joined us for two piano quintets, Schumann and Dvorak. It was truly a great honor for us to be back in Poland and celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival.

Gala dinner at the Biblioteka, Warsaw
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 09, 2006

We were honored to be invited by the President of the Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A., Mr.Piotr Czarnecki and General Director of the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, President of the Ludwig van Beethoven Association Mrs. Elżbieta Penderecka to attend a gala dinner at the Biblioteka restaurant, one of the best Italian restaurants in Warsaw.

Another Quartet in town? Gdańsk
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 08, 2006

This photo was taken at the entrance of the Fryderyk Chopin Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk. We met the quartet-in-residence, ready to get into the hall before us for dress rehearsal(or something else).

The Set for the SQ! Vienna
Posted By Yi-Wen on March 17, 2006

At our dear friend Marcel Richters' house in Vienna, we finally found our ultimate set of instruments.

Our Friends in Prague
Posted By SQ on March 15, 2006

As part of the 2006 Festival EuroArt Praha, we also gave a concert at Porotni Hall in the beautiful city of Jicin . We were honored that the Commercial Attache from the American Embassy, Ms. Erin C. Butler-Mueller attended our concert. This photo was taken after the concert along with our dear friend and colleague Jan Peruska, violist from the Stamic Quartet.

Surprise in Prague
Posted By SQ on March 14, 2006

At the post concert party, Joined by Mr.Zdenek Konicek, cellist of the Prague quartet and Mr.Milan Skampa, violist of the Smetana Quartet. What an honor and surprise to have both of them appear to our concert in Prague.

Festival EuroArt 2006, Prague, Czech Rep
Posted By SQ on March 14, 2006

At the 2006 Festival EuroArt Praha. We were joined by two members from the Stamic Quartet to perform the Brahms String Sextet in B-flat Major, Op.18. This photo was taken during the post concert reception with the Director of the Festival as well as the cellist of the Stamic Quartet Mr. Vladimir Leixner.

Martinu Hall, Prague, Czech Republic
Posted By Yi-Wen on March 14, 2006

The Martinu Hall is located in the Lichtenstein Palace which is the seat of The Academy of Music of Prague. It was a gift from the president V?clav Havel. A magnificent hall for chamber music!

Cool quartet in front of the Colosseum.
Posted By Yi-Wen on September 23, 2005

We enjoyed our visit to the beautiful city of Roma. Italy has always been one of my most favorite places to visit. We had a wonderful time, met many nice people, had some of the most delicious wines and food.

The Octet ---- SQ & GQ
Posted By Yi-Wen on September 18, 2005

On September 17, The Shanghai Quartet and the Guarneri Quartet joint concert opens Chamber Music Society of Detroit's 62nd Season at the Seligman Performing Arts Center. We thank Chamber Music Society of Detroit again for having us back and putting us together with the Guarneris. It means a lot not only to all of us but to the great Detroit audience as well, I hope. What a great idea to put the two quartets together, we really enjoyed it tremendously.

The Moab Music Festival
Posted By Nick on September 09, 2005

Earlier this month, the Shanghai Quartet made its second visit to Moab, Utah to participate in Michael Barrett and Leslie Tomkin's wonderful Moab Music Festival. The Quartet took an afternoon to explore Canyonlands National Park where this photo was taken, and, as you can probably tell, the natural sights were truly breathtaking.

A dear friend and Colleague
Posted By Yi-Wen on September 04, 2005

Our dear friend and colleague Arnold Steinhardt of the Guarneri Quartet joined us on Music Mountain's labor day weekend concert. It's always a special event and great pleasure to have this giant (in every way)on board.

Great Hall!
Posted By Yi-Wen on June 18, 2005

Town Hall, Wellington. One of the best hall the quartet has ever played. Beautiful and elegant interior, ideal size with wonderful acoustic. A dream venue for chamber music. It's always a pleasure to play in this hall.

Airport doesn't need a security check!
Posted By Yi-Wen on June 18, 2005

In the early morning four of us are ready to on board from Napier to Wellington. Napier is a beautiful and charming little town. We had a blast the night before, played a good concert and having a toast with our New Zealand friend on the stage afterwards-----a memorable event. Next stop, the Capital.

Auckland's best!
Posted By Yi-Wen on June 17, 2005

One of the most memorable thing I did in Auckland during my first visit was to have a taste of the famous Bluff Oyster. I was addicted by it's refined flavor and melting texture. So this time I had to drag Nick along revisited this place called "Chin-chin"---- an Ocean view grill. With a glass of New Zealand Chardonnay and a dozen of the bluff, we are in heaven.

Adventure in Gifu, Japan
Posted By SQ on October 23, 2004

Three quarter of the SQ tasting their beginner's luck at a local Pachinko parlor.

Our new friends from Hokkaido
Posted By Yi-Wen on October 21, 2004

During our last visit in Otaru we met one local restaurant couple. In order to attend our concert they had to close the restaurant early. The master chef was sitting in the front row very focused through out the evening. After the last chord of the "Grosse Fugue", he couldn't help himself jumped to his feet and applauded loudly. We couldn't find them in the lobby after the concert, soon we learned that he had just decided to reopen his restaurant again only for us. We were so moved by his warm hospitality, but more surprised by his love towards to Beethoven. He had never heard a string quartet before. We had a wonderful evening and got plenty to eat and drink.

A Celebration! Osaka, Japan
Posted By Yi-Wen on October 17, 2004

On October 17th we successfully completed our Beethoven Cycle in Osaka, Japan. After our violist took a nice bath we all gathered in my room had a toast to Ludy, and to our 4th complete Beethoven Cycle of the year. Cheers!!

Shanghai Quartet's upcoming CD cover
Posted By the Shanghai Quartet on September 02, 2004

Over the last 12 months, the Quartet has been working with the Camerata Label in Japan to complete its newest recording, which will be released internationally in October 2004. The disc will include the Dvorak "American" Quartet, op.96, and the Mendelsshonn String Octet with the Bartok Quartet. This photo, taken in November of 2003, will be on the CD cover.

Ruth Laredo - The 5th member of the SQ
Posted By Yi-Wen on August 10, 2004

The last concert by 5 of us in Nantucket. Though Ruth Laredo left us early, but her spirit and pincipal of music making stay with all of us forever. We all miss her dearly.

Shanghai Quartet in Warsaw Poland
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 06, 2004

In April, the Quartet performed 2 concerts at the Beethoven Festival in Warsaw Poland. This photo was taken in a part of the old city of Warsaw that was completely rebuilt after the end of World War II.

At the 8th Beethoven Easter Festival.
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 04, 2004

This photo was taken right after our first all Beethoven concert at the Royal Castle - Grand Hall in Warsaw. Here are our dear friend Cornelia Much (Honorary committee), the president of the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival and the Ludwig van Beethoven Association Mrs. Elżbieta Penderecka, Mr. Adrien Meisch (Honorary committee), and the director of the 8th Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival Ms.Jolanta R?ża Kozłowska.

Our first film appearance
Posted By Yi-Wen on April 01, 2004

Chlo? Sevigny, who plays the role of Laurel in Woody Allen's comedy "Melinda & Melinda", joined the 3 quarter of the SQ right after shooting the scene of (Shanghai) Quartet in the studio recording the 4th movement "Pizzicato" from the Bartok's String Quartet #4. Woody personally picked this movement after he had listened to the complete Bartok string quartets before the shooting. What a man!! Here's Shanghai Quartet's Trivia. Can you find us in the film?

Shooting for Melinda & Melinda 1
Posted By Weigang on April 01, 2004

Posted By Shanghai Quartet on March 28, 2004

After one of the concerts at the Tilles Center, a man with beard came to the back stage and congratulated us. We soon recognised the man is no other than James Galway.

3 NHK Hosts, Nakasaki, Japan
Posted By Honggang on March 20, 2004

Our first appearance on NHK. Nick talks about Global warming issues and classical music in Asia and the US.

SQ in Nagasaki, Japan
Posted By SQ on March 19, 2004

We took this photo in Nagasaki, the historical city in Kyushu during our second Beethoven Cycle trip to Japan. Right behind us on the other side of the bridge was where the second atomic bomb dropped by the U.S. military on August 9,1945, near the end of World War II.

A day of interviews, Beijing, China
Posted By SQ on November 05, 2003

During our 2nd appearance at the 6th Beijing Music Festival, we played some of the midlle and later Beethoven quartets. It was truly a historical event, not only because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with the Beethoven cycle, but to perform many of them first time live in China was quite an amazing experience both to four of us and to the Chinese audience as well. We spent a whole day doing interviews with the local reporters and journalists. Talked about how we manage to bring the East culture to the West, and Beethoven to Asia (China, Japan and Korea).

Chinese Bow Master, Shanghai, China
Posted By SQ on November 03, 2003

After we played our first Beethoven Cycle concert at the Shanghai Conservatory, the Master bow maker Mr. Rong-Di Ma brought a case of his newly made items to show us. Both Nick and I instantly fell in love with his bows. They are beautifully made with the most refined craftsmanship. Strong but flexible.

Shanghai in Jordan Hall, Boston
Posted By All of Us on April 05, 2003

At a concert in Jordan Hall at the New England Conservatory, the quartet pays homage to the composer of the works just performed. The composer is none other than our second violinist, Yi-Wen Jiang. Click on the picture for a larger version.

Our Great Violin Maker
Posted By Yi-Wen on March 09, 2003

Our dear, close friend violin maker Hiroshi Iizuka came to our concert in Philadelphia where the quartet played with cellist David Soyer of the Guarneri String Quartet. Half of the Shanghai quartet play on instruments made by Hiroshi. He is a true master in the art of violin making and I really enjoy playing on his instrument. Click on the picture for a larger version.

A Good Friend in St. Paul
Posted By Nick on February 09, 2003

Our good friend Lydia Artymiw came to see the quartet in St. Paul at the Music in the park concert series this Sunday. This photo was taken in anticipation of the next concert we will have in St. Paul in October of 2004 where Lydia will join the quartet for at least one piano quintet. We are always excited to collaborate with Lydia, one of our favorite pianists to play with. Click on the picture to the right for a larger version.

Yi-Wen Gets Nervous, Fayetteville, AK
Posted By Nick on November 22, 2002

In Fayetteville, Arkansas we had a bit of extra time on our hands so we decided to catch a movie (or two) and ended up seeing a horror film. look at how scared Yi-Wen got...and more importantly, look at how many people saw this particular movie (it was a matinee however). This is very different from when we go to the movies in New York City where you are lucky to even find an empty seat. Click on the picture to the right for a larger version.